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This seminar is all about understanding horses and ourselves better. We will learn about calming signals of the horse by observation and analysis and we will practice using this knowledge to improve our training.

The emotional state in which we find ourselves helps or hinders learning. We will explore ways to shift emotional states through changing behavior. Feldenkrais teacher Špela will guide us through some lessons throughout the duration of the workshop. We will experience how our mood can shift and the effect this has on our horse training. The Feldenkrais method will help us be more aware of our bodily constitution and behavior patterns.

The practical part of the workshop will circle around implementing positive reinforcement training with horses. We will take a deep dive into the principles of learning theory and how we can ethically apply them in practice.


DAY 1 - Saturday

Calming Signals - What do horses tell us with their natural behaviors? How can we indicate stress or well-being in our horses?


Practical part - Interaction with the horses, observation and analysis of calming signals


Feldenkrais lesson - on emotions; reflection on how our changed emotional state influences our interaction with the horses

DAY 2 - Sunday


Principles of Learning - What is a behavior, how can we measure it, what makes it increase or decrease? How do our emotions facilitate or inhibit learning


Learning theory in practice with trainer games - Practical application of the most common and useful concepts needed in establishing behaviors in animal training


Practical part with horses - Implication of the learned principles in real life training situations with our horses


Feldenkrais lesson - Reflecting on similarities of training ourselves and training animals

Working spot for 2 Days: 280€  (early bird until 4th of August: € 240)

Auditing spot for 2 Days: 180€ (early bird until 4th of August: € 150)

Calming Signals - Positive Reinforcement Horse Training - Feldenkrais

 04/05 September 2021


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