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Horses & Dogs
in Motion


 23-26 OCtober 2021

       A - 3133 Traismauer


4 day Workshop mit Angelica Hesselius (Reward Based Art of Riding) and Eva Bertilsson (Carpe Momentum)

Together we step into the zone of reward based training, mixing practical work with observations and discussions.  The combination of horses and dogs will spark your imagination and further your understanding of the principles underlying reward based training. Plus, we’ll have a lot of fun together!

As an added bonus we will have Feldenkrais lessons from teachers Špela Blenkuš and Mhairi MacInnes sprinkled in between our animal training sessions to sense our own movements. 

With whom?

Eva Bertilsson (Carpe Momentum)

Angelica Hesselius (Reward Based Art Of Riding)


Eva and Angelica are both internationally renowned positive reinforcement trainers based in Sweden.  Angelica works with horses and has a background in academic riding. She specializes in positive reinforcement training for balanced movement in groundwork and riding.  Eva works with a variety of species, and husbandry training is a current focus. Her background is in dog training for agility and other sports, and you usually find her teaching together with Carpe Momentum colleague Emelie J Vegh. 

Time schedule:

Saturday afternoon:

Setting the stage! Arrival, setting up the area to accommodate the participating horses and dogs, and introduction lectures by Angelica and Eva. Also warm-up sessions for traveling horses (no other practical training this day).  



Practical training, observations & discussions.

Mornings: Mostly horse training.

Afternoons: Mostly dog training

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Early bird (until 15th of September 2021)

  • Participant without own animal: 320 € (420€ standard price)

Upgrade your participant spot to work with a resident horse: + 100€

(150€ standard price)

  • Working spot with your own horse or dog: 520 € (620€ standard price)

Vegan lunch, snacks and coffee during the day are included in the price.

We are making sure to follow the Coronavirus guidelines.

Please be prepared to come vaccinated and/or PCR-tested. 

In case the guidelines will make holding the workshop impossible, the full price will be refunded. Should you test positive or face travel restrictions you will also be refunded in full. 





The whole workshop will be held in English.

For registration or questions write to:

Your registration will be valid as soon as we receive the invoiced amount on our account. 

Looking forward to welcoming you at our place!

Astou und Caroline 

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